Meet Your Staff

Tim Smith Mortgage Loan Officer
Tim Smith
Vice President - Mortgage Banking
NMLS #533151
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Lindsay Frieler St Cloud Branch Manger
Lindsay Frieler
Branch Manager/Private Banking
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Deb Reiland Personal Banker
Deb Rieland
Assistant Vice President
NMLS #405591
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Adam Vee Residential Mortgage Consultant
Adam Vee
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #714879
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Denita Wisniewski Mortgage Lender 
Denita Wisniewski
Assistant Vice President
NMLS #405416
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Aaron Reznechek Loan Officer
Aaron Reznechek
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #400959
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Jessica Hempel Mortgage Processor
Jessica Hempel
Mortgage Administration
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Lynn Geraets Long Prairie Bank
Lynn Geraets
Personal Banking Officer
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 Viki Monroe St Cloud East Bank
Viki Monroe
Customer Service
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Heidi Sudbeck Long Prairie Bank
Heidi Sudbeck
Customer Service
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Jenny Massmann St Cloud East Bank Customer Service
Jenny Massmann
Customer Service
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Clair Schindler St Cloud Facility Coordinator
Clair Schindler
Events Coordinator
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Karen Brever Long Prairie Bank Teller 
Karen Brever
Head Teller
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Deanna Scheeler St Cloud Teller 
Deanna Scheeler
Senior Teller
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SC West Bank Tellers
St Cloud East Bank Tellers
Long Prairie Tellers


Jay Johnston Saint Cloud CEO
Jay Johnston
CEO/President & Legal Counsel
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Denis Irsfeld Long Prairie Ag Lender
Denis Irsfeld
Executive Financial Officer
NMLS #405417
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Andy Voller Chief Credit Officer
Andy Voller
Chief Risk Officer
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Matt Coran Senior Commercial Lender 
Matt Coran
Senior Commercial Lender
Vice President - Business Banking
NMLS #1248609
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Jeramie Steinert Business Development
Jeramie Steinert
Vice President - Legal Counsel
& Business Development
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Brian Mathiasen Commercial Lender
Brian Mathiasen
Commercial Lending Officer
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Chris Thiel Commercial Credit Officer
Chris Thiel
Commercial Lending Officer
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Mike Heen Ag Real Estate Lender
Michael Heen
Business Credit Manager
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Tiffany Akervik Business Banking Credit Analyst
Tiffany Akervik
Credit Officer
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Preston Irsfeld Credit and Finance 2
Preston Irsfeld
Credit Analyst
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 Jenna Storms Business Banking Admin
Jenna Storms
Business Administration
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Molly Marlow Business Banking Admin
Molly Marlow
Business Administration
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Melanie Newberger Loan Admin
Melanie Newberger
Business Administration
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Todd Ecker Long Prairie Bank Operations
Todd Ecker
Vice President - Information Technology
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Jessica Brown Long Prairie Bank Operations
Jessica Brown
Operations Officer
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Jane Browen Long Prairie Bank Customer Service
Jane Browen
Operations Administration
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Joyce Kern Bank Customer Service
Joyce Kern
Operations Administration
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Jessica Retka Long Prairie Bank Customer Service
Jessica Rowe
Operations Administration
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Eloise Kruse Property Manager
Eloise Kruse
Property Manager
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Bank Board of Directors

Front Row Seating - left to right:
J (Jay) Christopher Johnston (Chairman), St. Cloud; and Rodger J. Johnston (Retired), Long Prairie.

Back Row Standing - left to right:
Craig L. Hanson, Minneapolis; Timothy L. Galligher, Long Prairie; Denis G. Irsfeld (Secretary), Long Prairie; Leonard H. Wohlman, St. Cloud; and David Swenson, Minneapolis (not pictured above).