Card Services & Safety Deposit Boxes

Debit & Credit Cards

ATM Card

A free ATM card that allows you to make withdrawals at any Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
Funds are drawn from your personal checking or savings account.

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Debit Card

A free Debit card that combines the functions of a checkbook and an ATM card giving you the convenience of electronic checking and instant cash.
Funds are drawn from your personal checking account.

HSA Debit Card

A free HSA Debit card that doubles as a checkbook, giving you the convenience of electronic checking and instant cash to pay for medical expenses.
Funds are drawn from your personal health savings account.

To report a lost or stolen Debit/Cash ATM card, please call us immediately or 1-800-554-8969 during non-business hours.

Rewards Credit Card

Choosing the right credit card is easier than ever. Whether you want to pay down balances faster, maximize cash back, earn rewards or begin building your credit history, we have the ideal card for you!

No matter which card you choose, you'll enjoy important features like:

  • Convenient and Flexible Purchasing Power. Accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Mobile purchasing capability for added convenience.
  • Zero Fraud Liability. * You won't be liable for fraudulent purchases when your card is lost or stolen.
  • Cardmember Service available 24 hours a day/365 days per year. 
  • Plus much more!

Click Here to learn more about VISA Credit Cards

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Safety Deposit Boxes

Keep your valuable items and documents safe in a bank vault. Customers must have a transaction account for auto pay of the Safe Deposit Box rent. Rent is due annually on May 1st for St. Cloud West, St. Cloud East, and Clearwater, on the anniversary date for Avon, and January 1st for Long Prairie and Browerville. Each branch has convenient sizes available:

St. Cloud: Boxes are all 21 inches long
3x5      $25/year
3x10    $40/year
5x10    $50/year 
10x10  $85/year

Clearwater: Boxes are all 21 inches long
3x10    $40/year
5x10    $50/year
10x10  $85/year

Avon: Boxes are all 21 inches long
3x5      $7.50/year
4x5      $10/year
3x10    $15/year
5x10    $25/year
10x10  $50/year

Long Prairie/Browerville: 
  L          H          W
  1'   x    2"    x    5"      $10/year
  2'   x    3"    x    5"      $17/year
  2'   x    5"    x    5"      $20/year
  2'   x    3"    x    10"    $25/year
  2'   x    5"    x    10"    $30/year
10" x   10"   x    24"    $60/year

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Notary Public

American Heritage Bank has Notary Publics available at our Long Prairie, Browerville, St. Cloud West, St. Cloud East, Clearwater, and Avon locations during regular lobby business hours.

  • The document must be signed in front of the notary.
  • The notary must be provided with a current I.D.
  • This service is free for American Heritage Bank customers and $5.00 per stamp for non-customers.

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